There’s Time For Everything

There’s Time For Everything

We don’t “have” time for anything, neither can we “make” time for something.

And, we don’t have to “find” time for anything, because it’s not hidden.

It’s right here. We exist in it.

Sure these are just phrases that we use, but bear with me here, I’m trying to make a point.

Time is not something that belongs to us, and it’s not something we have the power to manufacture whenever we feel like we need a little more of it.

Time has been created by God, therefore it belongs to Him alone.

However, He has so graciously loaned it to us and He expects us to make good use of it.

Sometimes, when we think about all the time we’ve wasted in life, it makes us want to kick ourselves.

But it’s a good thing to come to the knowledge that we haven’t been as productive as we should, so that we can work on making adjustments.

Time is the same from person to person. As long as we’re alive, we all have access to the same amount of time to use on anything, at any given time.

God doesn’t issue a larger portion of time to one person, and then a smaller portion to another person. We all get the same twenty-four hours.

The only variable in the equation, is what we decide to do with those hours.

The fact is, we spend time on the things that are important to us.

How important is reading God’s Word and praying? How often do we find ourselves thinking or saying something like “I just don’t have the time?”

Of course, we’re busy with work, families, etc. These things are important to us, therefore we spend most of our time on them, but what are we doing  outside of that time?

During our lunch break, are we reading a chapter of Proverbs instead of scrolling down a never-ending Twitter feed, or catching up with the latest office gossip?

Instead of staring sideways at the questionable dish that Jane has posted on Facebook, is it possible that we could use that time to close our eyes, and bow our heads in silent prayer, while on our morning train commute?

Everyone would probably just think we’re asleep anyway.

There’s always time for whatever we want to do and that’s usually whatever we’re most concerned about.

It’s not that we don’t “have” time, but our issue is that we don’t prioritize it and it wisely.

Try making out a daily or a weekly schedule, and see if you can’t discover  open opportunities to spend time with God.

If making schedules aren’t your thing, then try to incorporate activities into your normal daily routine.

For example, listen to the audio Bible while washing dishes, or feed your spiritual-self at the same time that you feed your physical-self, by reading a chapter during meal times. You’ve got to eat right? And you have nothing else better to do while in-between chomps.

Pray while walking. Listen to a sermon while jogging.

Keep in mind that time is only temporary, and one day it will no longer be available for our use.

As I previously stated, it’s not ours, and once it’s gone,  it’s gone. We cannot find any extra anywhere, nor can we make anymore.

Just as we graciously lend something to someone and expect them to treat it with care, so does God expect us to do the same with the time that He’s loaned us.

How are you spending the time that God has loaned you?

God bless!

“So teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

Psalm 90:12


What are your thoughts on this topic?

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