Discover the Wondrous Promises of God

I recall a particular time, when I needed a little extra money for something, but didn’t know exactly where to get it.

I looked at several options, and also considered shuffling some things around to meet the expense.

I usually know the amount of money that I have, so I don’t check my bank account too often, but one day I happened to log into my account for another reason, and was pleasantly surprised.

I noticed that there was a certain amount of money that had been deposited in my account, about five or six days prior.

I wasn’t aware that the money was coming to me, and the amount was almost exactly the amount I needed – maybe a few dollars over.

What I needed was in my possession all along, only I wasn’t aware that it was there.

God promises us many wonderful things in His Word, but how can we believe a promise, if we know nothing about it?

For example, If we never knew that God promises the Holy Spirit to us if we simply asks, how would we ever receive the power to live pleasing to God? (Luke 11.13)

Or what if we didn’t know that praying to God about our troubles would give us peace? (Phil. 4.6-7)

And How would we know how to overcome temptation and sin, if we didn’t know that submitting to God, and resisting the devil, would cause the enemy to flee? (James 4.7)

Without faith it is impossible to please God, but how can we have faith to believe something, if we don’t even know that we are supposed to believe it?

Ignorance of God’s Word, can lead us to search everywhere else for an answer, when He has already provided one to us.

God is not a man that He should lie (Numbers 23.19). Therefore, we can trust that His words are true. If He has spoken a thing, then He will make good on His promise. 

Spending time in God’s Word on a regular basis, allows us to discover, and secure in our hearts, the wonderful and awesome promises of God.

If you’re a child of God, and are walking in His ways, these promises are already yours. Once you are aware that they exist, you have the right to claim them.

If you are not aware of these promises that I speak of, then I encourage you to begin your journey into the Word of God today, to reveal His wonderful promises for your life.

I assure you, that you will not be disappointed!

Be Encouraged! God Bless!




2 thoughts on “Discover the Wondrous Promises of God

  1. “If you feel surrounded by difficulties and under attack remember that, when everything seems against you, God has a mighty army that can come and deliver you.” Pippa Gumbel
    My note: you have to know God’s Word in order to call on His army! Thank you for reminding us of the importance of putting God’s Word into our hearts.

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