The Seasons Must Change

Up north, we endure the harsh, brutal, winters, which often include freezing winds and temporary loss of feeling in our fingers and toes. However, when it’s all over, we get to enjoy the beautiful, warm and sunny spring weather.

When living in Texas, I dealt with the extra dry air and the over 100-degree summer temperatures, but would eventually receive relief when fall started tip-toeing around the corner, slowly moving in, preparing to overthrow the heat, and rescue me.

Thank God for the changing of the seasons.

Just like the weather, when we’re going through a season of hardship, we eagerly await the arrival of more favorable conditions.

It helps to remember that we are not suffering for naught, but that the various troubles that we go through, help to build us up.

In this life, we will go through rough patches. They’re unavoidable.

However, just as we can purchase hats, scarves, coats, snow boots, etc., to prepare for an upcoming winter in New York or Canada,  we can also prepare for times of trouble by spending time with God beforehand, so that we can form a closer relationship with Him, and learn to trust Him.

We can also feed on His word daily, so that we may gain strength, knowledge and wisdom, to be able to endure these troubled times when they come upon us.

Times of hardship don’t last forever. Whether it is the result of unemployment, relationship problems, financial issues, situations at work, etc.  – just as each season has its designated time, then passes on, so will our troubles.

So don’t ever give up hope.

If  you’ve been stuck in a bad season for a while – Rejoice! Because trouble doesn’t last always. Your season will soon have to change for the better. Until then, continue to encourage yourself in the Lord, and continue to find your strength there.

God bless!

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the Lord delivers him out of them all.”

Psalms 34:19

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