What Can Stop God’s Plan For Your Life?

After Jesus was born, wise men came to Jerusalem inquiring about Him. They wanted to know where the young child was so they could worship Him.

When King Herod heard about this “King of the Jews,” and when he had taken notice that these men had come from a far off place just to worship Him, he became very alarmed (Matthew 2:1-3).

Herod called the wise men into a private meeting and instructed them to search for baby Jesus, and to let him know when they found Him, so he could go and worship Him also (Matthew 2:7-8).

This was a lie since King Herod was only interested in preserving his kingdom. He was afraid that with the birth of this new “King,” his throne might be snatched from beneath him.

So, when the wise men found Jesus, they worshiped Him and presented Him with gifts. They were afterward warned by God in a dream not to return to Herod, since Herod’s intentions were to kill the baby (Matthew 2:11-12). Therefore, they did as they were instructed.

Then, the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream, telling him to take Jesus and flee to Egypt to escape the hand of the King, whom wouldn’t be satisfied until the boy was dead (Matthew 2:13-14). So, Joseph took Jesus and Mary, and they fled.

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Herod was so angry that he’d been made a fool of by the wise men, that he sent forth the word to kill all the children in Bethlehem who were born around the same time as Jesus, and were within a certain age (Matthew 2:16).

After King Herod’s death, Joseph eventually settled his little family in the city of Nazereth, and as you know, Jesus went on to become the Savior of the entire world.

Now, why couldn’t Herod get to Jesus? With all his power and influence, how did he allow this little baby to slip through his hands? It’s because God had a plan for Jesus’ life.

Herod tried to use trickery and force to thwart those plans, but he didn’t succeed. He failed to realize that the power and authority he possessed was not greater than that of the Almighty God.

We don’t have as great a calling on our lives as our Savior, but God still has a specific purpose for each of us. He has something important for every one of us to do – something great.

Like Herod, Satan is fearful when he sees we’ve been born-again and that we’re growing strong in our new life with Christ. This is because he knows that we’re a threat to his demonic kingdom.

As a result, he throws all his fiery darts at us to try and take us down before we can discover the power God has given us – power that could quench his fiery flames.

But if God has already ordered it, there’s nothing that Satan, together with all the forces of darkness can do to keep it from coming to pass. There is no weapon the enemy could use that can prevail against God’s plan. The only thing that can stop God’s plan, is if we give up and stop following God.

Most of us don’t have an evil tyrant on our trail, desiring our blood, but we do have real enemies. Some of the enemies we may face today could come in the form of discouragement, sickness, worldly opposition, financial issues, or something else to try and make us second-guess God, and walk away from Him.

But just like God warned Joseph and the wise men back then, The Holy Spirit can warn us of the dangers that lie ahead also – dangers and opposers that seek to take us off our course.

The Holy Spirit can show us how to best handle our situation. So, come what may, we can be confident that God will keep us safe and on the path He has prepared for us. He will see to it that His plan is fulfilled in our lives.

Suggested Prayer:

Lord, I believe You have a great purpose for my life. Please help me to trust You and to recognize that all power and authority is in Your hands. Help me to see Satan’s plan of attack, so I won’t be overtaken by it. There is nothing that the enemy can do to thwart the plans You have for my life. So, help me to not be fearful or discouraged but let Your will be done in me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.